Bodycam: Evidence Management Systems

Bodycam: Evidence Management Systems

It can be difficult to understand all aspects of a situation when you’re currently engaged with it – as a result, police around the world are utilising bodycams as a means of managing evidence from a scenario.

Evidence Management Systems assist an officer in a number of ways, one such system is that of the K-series body cameras, from Reveal.

Evaluation Purposes

Why stop at only one set of eyes? Through the K-series body cameras, a security officer has the means of reviewing a situation from multiple angles. An individual officer alone can identify and understand all angles of a situation, being able to identify suspects through footage and evaluate operations from multiple points of view to understand new ways of dealing with them.

Training Purposes

Having a recording of real-life security situations is a strong way of engraining important training into new recruits, teaching them how to deal with fires, safety issues, runaway culprits and more.

Legal Purposes 

The main benefit of having bodycams such as the K-series bodycam, is that it enables total accuracy when recounting a security scenario. Use bodycam footage to display officer capabilities and ensure your business has peace-of-mind whilst carrying out operations on the field – free from legal troubles.