The Silicon Valley of India sees future-ready AI-powered traffic solutions with Videonetics

The Silicon Valley of India sees future-ready AI-powered traffic solutions with Videonetics

Traffic congestion, violations of traffic regulations and accidents in the city of Karnataka, Bengaluru called for the implementation of modern AI-powered traffic solutions – to this end, Videonetics have introduced the Videonetics Traffic Management System (TMS).

The capital city and the largest city of Karnataka, Bengaluru, is a city of stark contrasts. It’s a city that effortlessly marries the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. Being India’s IT hub and a thriving metropolis, Bengaluru has inevitably attracted people from all over the country. The increase in population has subsequently led to problems like traffic congestion, violations of traffic regulations, and accidents. The Bengaluru Traffic Authority also observed that violations like riding without a helmet, triple riding on two-wheelers, over-speeding, etc., need to be mitigated with a silver-bullet solution that holistically makes Bengaluru roads safer for citizens.

The AI-Powered Solution

The Bengaluru Traffic Authority wanted an advanced AI-based solution that is both scalable and delivers accurate results. The increased traffic problems and violations have also led to an increase in the number of accidents. This situation demanded a solution that captured multiple violations in real-time, enhanced situational awareness, inculcated discipline among citizens, and most importantly, made Bengaluru roads safer.

After identifying the problem and formulating a proposed solution, the next and most crucial part of the process was finding the ideal technology partner for this project. After rigorous evaluation and intensive discussions, the Bengaluru Traffic Authority, the stakeholders, and a panel of traffic authorities selected Videonetics as the perfect technology partner in collaboration with MATRIX Security and Surveillance Pvt. Ltd. as the system integrator.

Videonetics has secured 150+ cities and monitored 25K+ traffic lanes across many geographic regions. The administration was keen to have an open platform that would help them add more capabilities and applications over time.

With these goals in mind, the AI-powered Videonetics Traffic Management System (TMS) and various use cases such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Red Light Violation Detection, Speed Violation, No Helmet Detection, and a few more, deployed at 50 significant intersections.

AI-powered traffic solutions have helped the city’s law enforcement monitor traffic round-the-clock, record traffic violations in real-time and send alerts to authorities for further actions.

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