Bahrain spreads awareness of digital crimes

Bahrain spreads awareness of digital crimes

Bahrain’s Interior Ministry has recently revealed the six types of cybercrimes that pose the most danger to the country’s society and economy in a bid to raise more awareness of digital crimes.

They were: child sexual exploitation, online stalking, viruses, bank card fraud, hacking and digital piracy. Within this crimes could include spreading misinformation, data theft and defamation.

In recent years Bahrain has seen a significant increase in the frequency of cyber attacks and online fraud scams, particularly those that are targeting citizens as opposed to large corporations.

The ministry is now picking up the pace with its awareness campaigns on social media and television. In addition, it is releasing podcasts to help people identify digital crimes and know how to protect themselves against them.

It’s a problem that is becoming more pronounced in Bahrain. Speaking in March at a meeting of the Arab Interior Ministers Council, Interior Minister General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, said: “I want to highlight that dealing with security threats isn’t limited to combating efforts and security responses but requires proactive procedures to face, prevent or limit these threats through the drafting of laws to tackle challenges and set firm technical regulations to control the use of electronic devices, in addition, to reinforce international consensus to maintain the security of societies.”