ARIA Cybersecurity and Rockwell Automation Technology partner

ARIA Cybersecurity and Rockwell Automation Technology partner

ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions has recently become a Technology Partner of Rockwell Automation’s PartnerNetwork™.

This partnership allows customers to easily find complementary products that can help them address their application challenges.

ARIA‘s AZT PROTECT™ is an advanced solution that protects operational technology (OT) environments. This solution extends and enhances the offerings of Rockwell Automation.

Technology Partners collaborate with Rockwell Automation to deliver solutions within the Partner Ecosystem. This collaboration streamlines supply chains, simplifies project implementation, and provides the best value for investments in automation technology.

ARIA Cybersecurity’s partnership with Rockwell Automation means that customers can now take advantage of AZT PROTECT™. This is an award-winning AI-driven endpoint protection solution that protects devices running critical applications in various sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, transportation, energy, utilities, and smart manufacturing.

AZT PROTECT™ is specially designed for OT environments, protecting against the most advanced zero-day and supply chain attacks without the need for constant security patching. It reduces application vulnerability exploits to near zero by neutralizing threats in real time before they cause harm.

Gary Southwell, General Manager of ARIA Cybersecurity, said: “Companies that operate critical infrastructure are being targeted by a new wave of sophisticated cybercrime, creating an urgent need for a solution that addresses the unique challenges of OT environments.

“By joining the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetworkTM Aria Cybersecurity is able to bring best-in-class OT cybersecurity protection to the Rockwell ecosystem, helping customers understand the benefits of deploying AZT PROTECT to protect their critical assets, revenue, and reputation.”

Axel Rodriguez, Global Lead of Cybersecurity Partnerships at Rockwell Automation added: “Our PartnerNetworkTM is based on bringing the best products and services in industrial automation into a single ecosystem, introducing our customers to partner solutions that complement Rockwell Automation offerings and help them better address their business challenges.

“ARIA Cybersecurity’s AZT PROTECT is a market-leading addition to our ecosystem, meeting the urgent need to protect industrial automation applications from dangerous new forms of cyber-attacks.”