AmiViz, enterprise marketplace place sees significant growth

AmiViz, enterprise marketplace place sees significant growth

In market news, Amiviz, the pioneering B2B cybersecurity enterprise marketplace has seen impressive growth across critical metrics in the recent months.

The company have suggested the cause of the growth is due to their dedication to delivering exceptional services, whilst placing strong value on their user base.

In the fiscal year spanning from July 2022 to June 2023, the AmiViz marketplace achieved an exceptional 62% year-over-year revenue growth.

Notably, the platform processed an impressive 56% increase in orders, accompanied by a remarkable surge of 82% in active users. Additionally, the marketplace witnessed a fivefold rise in inquiries within a span of 12 months, highlighting its rapid ascension.

The company seek to use this momentum to further stand out in the industry.

Wael Sayed, Product Manager for SoftTrend, commended the portal’s efficiency, and the way in which it provides real-time visibility into order processing and trafficking, which removes the need for follow-up and keeps product chains streamlined.

Ilyas Mohammed, COO at AmIViz expressed his thoughts about the company’s success; “With the marketplace’s unyielding dedication to excellence and the significant strides achieved in recent months, we stand poised to continue empowering our partners in attaining their objectives. As the platform evolves and elevates its offerings, users can anticipate even greater value and an enhanced B2B trading experience.”

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