Allied Telesis: Cybersecurity in the age of working from home

Allied Telesis: Cybersecurity in the age of working from home

Following Covid-19, companies around the world entered the age of ‘working from home’ being commonplace, this, however, led to a number of new tactics for threat actors to utilize.

Hot-desking, flextime and BYOD are all things that make the work environment harder to secure. Digital assets went from being entirely on a closed loop, to partially external in nature.

Cybersecurity conglomerate, Allied Telesis have a solution – the automation of cybersecurity defences.

With cyber-attacks being on the rise, both internal and external defences need to be secured.


Allied Telesis utilize AMF-Sec, a self-defending, constantly scanning network that responds to internal threats from those plugged into computers, computers themselves, or machines with access to Bluetooth and LAN networks.

With 67% of staff using their own devices at work, routines must be prepared for when an individual enters the workplace carrying a device which has already been infected.

Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management, consists of smart firewall systems providing powerful, malleable protection. This means always active protection which is the first line of defence against cyber-threats from outside of a company, ensuring secure connectivity for all within an online environment.

Cyber attacks are blocked before they can deal any damage, employees are engaging with only safe content and are protected from external viruses and malware which will inevitably interact with their company.

Allied Telesis, like other cybersecurity before them, such as Darktrace, looks to ensure the smooth running of companies and be developed as a trusted business partner.