All about Armoured Vehicles


All about Armoured Vehicles

With millions of transactions taking place every day around the Middle East, armoured vehicles are utilized to move mass amounts of money from one place to another, in this article, we take a look at what goes into an armoured vehicle, including its various mechanisms designed to keep out intruders and keep both people and packages safe whilst under assault.

There are a number of  Armoured Vehicles available, usually larger, reinforced vans, with the necessary storage space to carry important packages.

Armoured Sedans, trucks, vans and SUVs are all available – with several types of armour designed to fulfil different purposes. The most protected vehicles on the market will boast a B7+ Central European Norm (CEN) rating. A rating was achieved as a result of several intensive tests.

Armour is attached to vertical and horizontal components, ensuring what is within is protected, whilst the car itself has appropriate manoeuvrability. Other features of armoured vehicles include:

Door overlap protection

Upgraded brake and suspension systems, in comparison to typical cars on the market.

Run-flat tire systems

Smoke and Privacy screens.

Mobile communications facilities.

Whether it’s moving cash from one place in town to another, or moving important individuals who may come under fire. Armoured vehicles have a clear, necessary position in the security marketplace, ensuring control and peace of mind during long-term and short-term travel.

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