Ajax Systems launches Fibra

Ajax Systems launches Fibra

At its third Special Event, Ajax Systems presented its own wired Fibra technology and product line.

According to the company one of the most common requests from industry professionals is for a hybrid security system. The combination of wires and radio allows large and industrial facilities to be covered easily. So, the Ajax engineers have been focusing on a technology that inherits wireless user experience.

The end result is Fibra. The product line of wired devices embodies all of the advantages of the wireless Jeweller products. The first nine products in the Fibra line-up include MotionProtect, MotionProtect Plus, DoorProtect, DoorProtect Plus, GlassProtect, CombiProtect, KeyPad, HomeSiren and StreetSiren.

A line of 2,000 metres is capable of covering a multi-floored building, while the power consumption is 100 times lower than the industry average for digital wired detectors.

As with the wireless Jeweller devices, data transmission is encrypted, they are equipped with anti-sabotage technologies, the system is quick to install and it allows remote control via a smart device.

Back in October, Ajax launched Chime, a long-awaited addition to its line-up to improve security.