Airbus introduces TH9 Tetra radio to Middle East and Asian market

Airbus introduces TH9 Tetra radio to Middle East and Asian market

Airbus’ rugged and powerful Tetra radio is now available on the 800 MHz band for public safety users in the Middle East and Asia.

The TH9 has now added 800MHz to its band portfolio of operation. The 800 MHz version was presented to the public during the opening day of Critical Communications World exhibition in Kuala Lumpur on the 18th June.

The TH9 is a renowned Airbus Tetra radio for field use and specially designed for mission critical users such as police forces and security staff whom require rugged radios for their daily operations. This robust radio allows sharp, powerful and stable secure communication between users.

Thanks to the integration of a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver supporting  the Beidou positioning system, the TH9 is prepared for positioning technologies used in Asian markets. The enhanced global navigation satellite system allows users to benefit from accurate and autonomous geo-spatial positioning.

Further to its demonstrated success on 380-430 MHz band, Airbus’ TH9 is now equally available for the 800 MHz band. The latter will allow the customers using this frequency band to benefit from the added value that the radio can bring to mission critical operations such as excellent radio performance,  high audio quality, and long battery autonomy.