A Physical Security Ecosystem

A Physical Security Ecosystem

Cybersecurity comes as one interconnected package, stopping breaches, analysing malware and reinforcing servers and workflow along the way. However, physical security stands as a more modular design, to meet the various needs of an establishment. One may have fences, another may have gates. One business may be on the third floor of a building, with ten employees. Another may be the entire building with a hundred. Physical security needs to scale – and in a way that is effective for all who need to be protected by it.

The Starting Point

Consider all angles of your office space – are there any structural faults? Any doors that don’t shut properly? Windows you’ve left open and forgotten about? All of these are exploitations to be used by threat actors – one open window, or rusted fence, can lead to easy infiltration, which of course leads to the destruction of property, theft and the like.

With proper physical walls, barriers and access control, individuals are kept only where you want them to be – and only the individuals you chose. Security doors keep them out, with appropriate cameras keeping them.

Then the Innovation

What elevates a business security from appropriate to strong – is the use of interconnected systems. Genetec uses a unified protection package, one which is modular by design to fit the needs of any size establishment. The idea being that a person is registered via access control and biometrics into your company’s systems, then, as they navigate your doors, staircases and office spaces, they are able to be tracked, searched up and their paths analyzed, whenever is necessary by security teams.

More than this, whenever access is denied to an individual, the system flags the event, generating logs as it goes. In the world of security, information is power, through interconnected logging, surveillance and the appropriate use of artificial intelligence in camera systems to keep track of named individuals, a security system covers all of its own potential flaws – giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Genetec are only one provider of unified physical security systems, however, the company continue to innovate on it, find out more on the Genetec official website.