$1m investment for next-gen integrated digital intelligence products

$1m investment for next-gen integrated digital intelligence products

Applied Value Group has invested $1 million in CatchProbe Intelligence Technologies Corporation – a company that develops new generation integrated digital intelligence products to eliminate misinformation in cyber intelligence products.

According to CatchProbe, its platform is the only product in the world in the field of integrated central digital intelligence solutions that combines open-source intelligence and includes AI-based smart trap systems.

CatchProbe Founder, Founder Batuhan Tosun, said: “We offer a solution consisting of six modules that can be purchased individually or integrated within the ‘All-in-One Cyber ​​and Digital Intelligence’ platform.

“With the solution we offer in the SaaS infrastructure, we eliminate the need to invest in any hardware and reduce costs by half. With the central and autonomous solution we offer, we also eliminate the dependency on experts and engineers. By providing verified and actionable intelligence, we avoid all disadvantages such as false intelligence, irrelevant data, unrelated attack analysis and lack of timely response.”

Reyhan Baylan, CEO of Applied Value Group Türkiye, added: “There is an increasing need in the field of cyber security solutions worldwide. We are observing that large corporations are paying increasingly more attention to the matter of cyber security and allocating bigger portions of their budget accordingly. Data is the biggest asset of a company, and because of cyber-attacks, companies incur serious loss of money, reputation, and time.”