CySEC Global on the 13th June 2023

CySEC Global on the 13th June 2023

CySEC Global took place on the 13th-14th of June. The sixth edition of the summit held over 150 IT & Security leaders, 25+ Panellists, Keynote speakers, presentations and tech demos from ground-breaking tech companies from around the globe.

Taking place in the Sheraton Dammam Hotel, Cysec Global proved to be an incredible success, hosting MENA’s cyber security leaders, government professionals and key influences from across the industry.

CYSEC Saudi Arabia featured a 3:1 end-user ratio of attendees and over 8 hours of networking sessions. Individuals had the opportunity to make unique deals and form partnerships to push forward the cyber-security industry.

Discussion on the day focused on the relevance of cyber security alongside the progress of Saudi Arabia.

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pushes forward to becoming a haven for tourism, new data centres and initiatives will take place.

With a renewed focus on cyber-security, there will be many new opportunities for threat actors to cripple parts of the Saudi Arabian Industry.

Companies must have totally up-to-date protocols and defence measures to keep things running smoothly. As tech continues to progress as part of the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative, so too will the technology that threat actors have access to.

Through unique partnerships, deals and careful consideration, Saudi Arabia has the opportunity to stand as a giant within the Cybersecurity world – such partnerships and deals are enabled by conferences such as CySEC.

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