Zebra Technologies to showcase technology pillars at CCW

Zebra Technologies to showcase technology pillars at CCW

Zebra Technologies Corporation is set to showcase three technology pillars to unlock the digital future of EMEA’s public safety sector at the Critical Communications World (CCW) from May 14-16, 2024, at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the UAE.

The event, which will take place at stand N40, aims to provide front-line personnel with new levels of mobile digitisation and equip them with digitised asset tracking and management.

The recent floods in the UAE were a reminder that emergency services need the right tools, including technology, to help those in need when an emergency strikes. According to reports, the National Ambulance responded to 1,426 urgent calls across the Northern Emirates. In 2023, the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services responded to emergencies involving 235,394 individuals, with record response times.

Today’s Middle East and European public safety professionals, including police, ambulance, fire and rescue, and military, face changing and challenging expectations, greater volumes of data, budget scrutiny, and the rapid pace of technology developments. 

Addressing these challenges and opportunities needs to be underpinned by the acceleration of digitisation across operations to improve communications in the field.

Zebra Technologies proposes three technology pillars to enhance critical communications. 

The first pillar involves providing front-line personnel with new levels of mobile digitisation via rugged mobile computing. 

The second pillar is to equip them with digitised asset tracking and management. 

Finally, the third pillar aims to eliminate lost time, supplies, and equipment and help ensure better emergency responsiveness.

Oliver Ledgard, Public Safety Strategy Director, EMEA, Zebra Technologies, said: “Across the Middle East and Europe, we’re seeing emergency services organizations increasingly turn to rugged handheld devices to give professionals in the field a mobile ‘digital desk’ with the connectivity and applications they need for operational work wherever they are.”