XM Cyber enters Persian Gulf

XM Cyber enters Persian Gulf

Israeli cybersecurity firm XM Cyber is entering the Persian Gulf for the first time, according to Globes, Israel business news. The start-up was co-founded by former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo and will be selling its products to protect the region’s gas, oil and financial infrastructures.

The company’s products identify weaknesses in critical infrastructures by deploying a range of virtual sensors through clients’ operational infrastructure networks. It then sends out alerts as required.

XM Cyber has signed a cooperation agreement with Dubai-based Spire Solutions. It will also be cooperating with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and a new consortium founded to sign contracts with organisations in the Gulf working within gas and oil infrastructures. The consortium’s aim is to promote cooperation deal between Israeli companies and UAE government companies to avoid individual negotiations.

Spire Solutions will be helping XM Cyber to work with the UAE and Bahrain; the only two countries in the Gulf who were signatories to the Abraham Accords. Last year’s signing of the Abraham Accords was designed to normalise relations between the UAE and Bahrain and Israel.

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