The 2023 World Police Summit has begun!

2023 World Police Summit Set to Bring Policing Innovation to Dubai. Credit: Pixabay

The 2023 World Police Summit has begun!

The 2023 World Police Summit is now taking place, as of March 7th.

Sign ups to the event have equalled to 15,000 visitors at the World Trade Centre in Dubai, consisting of interested parties, businesses and specialists networking and sharing the latest in the policing industry from across the world.

The conference boasts over 150 conference sessions, involving over 100 chiefs of police from a variety of backgrounds.

A number of topics will be covered across both the larger conferences and smaller networking events that are taking place throughout the World Trade Centre, involving talks regarding the future of crime prevention, advancements in tracking and handling of anti-narcotics operations, technological advances regarding forensic science, alongside the incorporation of technology such as artificial intelligence into both typical policing and drone technologies.

The event’s size cannot be understated. A hub of experts will be sharing insights into technology and science, whilst simultaneously hosting a competition between youths of collegial communities to demonstrate their project participations to the field on a national level.

Alongside this, the event will feature the 30th graduating class of the Dubai Police Academy, with standards of teaching and modern employability techniques being discussed and celebrated alongside the hard work of the academy students.

Both quantity and quality prove to be in full display at the Dubai World Police Summit, more information can be found online, and the event can still be joined today as it takes place between the 7th and the 9th, with a variety of travel packages available online.