What is the Cost Over the Course of a 5-year Project?

What is the Cost Over the Course of a 5-year Project?

Costs can be an issue when considering the components of a video storage system, particularly since it is one of the largest costs of networked systems.

Gartner’s Total Cost of Ownership

“As enterprise products dominate the video storage market, more attention needs to be addressed to Gartner’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),” says Jeff Burgess, President, and CEO of BCDVideo. TCO goes beyond the initial purchase costs, and factors in management, support, the opportunity cost of downtime, and productivity losses. Today’s integrator realizes it doesn’t take many truck rolls to lose all those front-end savings, which is eating away at their profits.

‘Cost of Power, Pipe, and People’

Burgess urges integrators and end users to ask themselves: What is the video recorder costing me over the next five-years? It’s likely a racked solution, so in IT terminology that costs “power, pipe, and people.”

“The integrator needs to look deeper to see what else the system can provide,” Burgess says. Finding the right balance of performance, scalability, and availability to keep up with and effectively exploit the surveillance data allows organizations to avoid costly upgrades.

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