WatchNET smart parking with wireless IoT Sensors

WatchNET smart parking with wireless IoT Sensors

What is the most exasperating aspect of owning a vehicle in today’s world? Finding the right model based on convenience and mileage? The prime-hour traffic? NO! What infuriating vehicle owners the most is finding a parking spot that’s not taken!

Here’s a little titbit for you: Did you know that a whopping 35% of the commute time is spent on finding a parking spot? Beat that!

We sure can but only with the help of evolving technologies to provide a solution to the parking problem. The Internet of Things (IoT) has proved to provide smart solutions for many aspects of life. Can it be the answer to a smarter way of parking?

Yes, with innovations in the field of, LoRa based wireless IoT Smart Sensors and connected devices will soon be able to aid the drivers to find out the nearest free parking spot in real-time. A few applications which seem improbable now, will be made possible by IoT very soon. Here are some:

  • Tracking cars with IoT sensors – This smart parking vehicle detection sensor can be used to detect the presence or absence of parking vehicles in the parking space. It uses the wireless communication module and adds vehicle status information to the gateway, and displays the collected data in the gateway.
  • Smart Counters – This device uses a geomagnetic sensor and radar sensor for simultaneous detection. When the car parked/placed on the geomagnetic surface, this measures the geomagnetic intensity to judge the existence of the vehicle and the radar senses the car parked above the device.
  • Automated Parking Systems – Multi-level parking make use of the limited space efficiently and reduce waiting time and in turn the pollution.

While all this is already practiced in a few countries, it will not take much time to reach the other parts of the world. IoT based Smart Parking is not only a ‘quick parking finder’ solution, but also proves to be beneficial for:

  • Fuel Conservation – Real time data about the number of free parking spaces and their placement helps save time and unnecessary usage of resources especially fuel
  • Safety violation monitoring – With an efficient system of parking with IoT sensors, a more efficient violation monitoring system will lead to a safer road commute for travellers
  • Space optimization – With data in the palm of your hand, no time or energy is wasted for the driver or the passengers
  • Environment friendly – With a lot of time being saved, the running time of the vehicles is reduced, thereby resulting in a cleaner less-polluted overall environment

Many economies have implemented and successfully using smart parking facilities leveraging the use of IoT. Capturing insights and converting them into data-driven patterns is one of the major benefits IoT sensors have to offer us! Smart Parking with IoT leads us to believe in a future with hassle-free parking.