Visit OZAK Access Technologies Inc. at Intersec 2018

Visit OZAK Access Technologies Inc. at Intersec 2018

OZAK Access Technologies Inc. has been in the market for more than 40 years, and is proud to be the

first and leading vehicle and pedestrian access control systems producer in Turkey. OZAK, providing

high quality and reliable access solutions, is the correct choice for many users in excess of 80 countries

and has a comprehensive reference range with its applications in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Arabian

Peninsula, Far East, Asia, Russia and USA such as;

  • Stadium Complexes,
  • Fitness and Sport Halls,
  • Airport Premises,
  • Metro and Mass Transportation Systems,
  • Environmental Control Systems in Outdoor/Indoor Public Areas,
  • State Institutions,
  • Industrial Plants,
  • Construction Sites,
  • Universities and other Education Institutions,
  • Military and Defence Facilities,
  • Power Plants,
  • Business Centers and Plazas,
  • Food Industry Applications,
  • Health Facilities,
  • Tourism and Historical Facilities,
  • Ticket Authentication and Process Integration Applications.

The product range includes “pedestrian” and “vehicle” passage control systems in following

type of products;

  • Waist & Full Height Turnstiles,
  • Speed Gates,
  • Paddle Gate,
  • Sliding Gate,
  • Optical Turnstile,
  • Disabled Passage Turnstiles,
  • Stadium Solutions Integrated Turnstiles,
  • Fuel Oil / Gas and Petroleum Refinery Turnstiles,
  • Prestigious Passage Turnstiles and Doors for Business Center and Plazas,
  • Motorised Swing Gates,
  • Motorised Flap Doors,
  • Emergency Exit Doors / Pedestrian Gates,
  • Custom Designed Turnstiles and Passage Control Systems, turnstiles,
  • Tyre Killer / Spike Barrier Systems,
  • Arm Barriers,
  • Anti-terror Bollard Systems (*),
  • Anti-terror Road Blockers (*)

(*) tested as per American ASTM standards for anti-terror attack resistance for the highest security level possible.


OZAK, investing in human resources, technology and environmental protection; thanks to its talented designers and engineers,

design and build products using the state of the art technologies and flexible manufacturing processes.

R&D activities are handled by a team of professionals and each team member offers his utmost contribution to provide the

customers with the solutions which meets overall demands of the security sector based on the vision of cost effective innovations.

Stand Nr.            : S2 – B18

Web                      :

Contact Name  : Mehmet Eraydin

e-mail                   :

Phone                  : +90262 373 4848

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