Videx Electronics, the Door Entry Systems Specialists

Videx Electronics, the Door Entry Systems Specialists

Videx Electronics looks forward to Intersec 2019, where they will be greeting participants from the Show Commercial Security Section, 2-A22.

Founded in 1986, Videx designs and manufactures video/audio door entry systems and access controls, standing among the leading companies in the field worldwide.

The variety of the range, quality, service, and the continuity of a purely “Made in Italy” brand have been key factors for Videx Success through its 30 years’ history.

The Company exports 95% of its production to more than 45 countries all over the world, offering different solutions ranging from one- or two-way systems to complex systems with thousands of apartments.

VIDEX manufacturing uses exclusively top-quality components and collaborates with top-tier selected Italian Companies in order to guarantee the highest quality standards to its customers along with an accurate production process control.

VIDEX is UNI ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

VIDEX is socially and environmentally responsible, indeed the company produces clean energy and employs it to carry out its operations: two solar panel systems, accounting for 200Kw power, entirely fulfil its needs. Solar panels have been installed on the plant roof ensuring zero environmental impact.