UBM launches IFSEC Egypt in Cairo for 2020

UBM launches IFSEC Egypt in Cairo for 2020

IFSEC is expanding into the Egyptian market with the launch of IFSEC Egypt. The event will be held in Cairo’s EIEC on 4-6 November 2020 alongside the fire safety show FIREX Egypt, which takes place for the first time on 3-5 November 2019, and the long-established power and energy event Electricx.

IFSEC Egypt introduces the successful IFSEC brand to a large and growing market, providing security and fire manufacturers with a new opportunity to access engaged buyers from across North Africa.

Egypt is the third-largest projects market in the MENA region – after Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – and its central location at a crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa make it an ideal entry point for regional and international firms.

Currently there are around USD 17.4 billion worth of power projects and USD 57.4 billion worth of transport projects in the Egyptian construction pipeline – a total projects market worth USD 395.7 billion.

Egypt is set to continue this expansion with more construction projects. A 2017 report by HSBC stated the market would witness a 95% increase in cash-led construction spending over the course of the year.

In addition, The Greater Cairo area is currently undergoing a significant transformation. Infrastructure – in particular urban transport – has been the focus of government investment, and a plan incorporating metro, light rail and river transport forms part of the ‘Vision 2050’ programme of urban redevelopment

With a national population soon set to exceed 100 million, and with 19 million people in Cairo alone, Egypt’s capital has a potential market larger than the Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria.

This makes Cairo the ideal access point to the North African market, and highlights the need for a dedicated integrated security event serving the region.

IFSEC strategy director Gerry Dunphy said: “IFSEC Egypt is an exciting opportunity to access a growing and dynamic new market and provides a fantastic opening for regional and international firms into the North Africa region. With an integrated security market currently under-served by a comprehensive security event and unique security challenges concerning regional industries such as oil and gas, the need for an event like IFSEC Egypt is clear. I believe it will be enormously beneficial to both local security providers and the IFSEC brand itself.

“In addition, the launch of FIREX Egypt this year means we’ll be prepared to leverage the strengths of this new environment when it comes to the opening of IFSEC Egypt in 2020.”