UAE Cybersecurity Council holds virtual exercise ‘Cyber 193’ with 140 countries

UAE Cybersecurity Council holds virtual exercise ‘Cyber 193’ with 140 countries

The UAE Cybersecurity Council has tested cyber defence operations via a virtual exercise with 140 collaborating countries.

The exercise, named ‘Cyber 193’, was held in collaboration with Expo 2020 Dubai and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Held over a 24 hour period, the cybersecurity project was hosted by the UAE via video conferencing and cloud computing methods, and aimed to create a cyber-united world capable of addressing emergencies and crises.

Cyber 193 was attended by 140 countries, which reinforced the initiative by the UAE Cybersecurity Council to promote collaboration between countries against cybercrime.

Dr Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, President of the UAE Cybersecurity Council, described the exercise in an interview as ‘supporting the cyber defence operations of the UAE and all participating countries, to counter various cyber attacks, encourage global communication, and advance the capabilities of participating response teams.’

He added that the “Cyber ​193” exercise comes within the framework of a series of cyber exercises implemented by the Council in cooperation with its strategic partners. The training focused on areas of rapid response to electronic incidents and crisis management to aid cyber defences.

He stated that the international exercise, which simulated more than 20 cyber scenarios, provided the participants with the opportunity to learn about the latest global industry trends within the security sector. The exercise offered its participants the opportunity to learn about the latest relevant global trends in cybersecurity, as well as strengthening international partnerships and boosting national capabilities.