UAE Central Bank creates cybersecurity centre

UAE Central Bank creates cybersecurity centre

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (CBUAE) has established its own cybersecurity centre to improve the protection and security of the financial system’s critical infrastructure in the region. The CBUAE Networking and Cyber Security Operations Centre will carry out operations from the bank’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Since the pandemic the region has seen a considerable rise in the number of cyber attacks and in response the UAE banking sector has invested heavily in fighting cyber crime.

As well as supporting all of the bank-managed and operating systems, services and applications, the centre will also be used to establish best practice and guidelines for managing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

As the centre protects the information infrastructure of the nation’s licensed financial institutions, CBUAE will continue in its question to develop practices that evolve alongside technological advancements and cyber threats.

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