TrueFort announces TrueFort Cloud to detect security issues and block malicious workload activity

TrueFort announces TrueFort Cloud to detect security issues and block malicious workload activity

Security company TrueFort has announced TrueFort Cloud, to help detect security issues and malicious workload activity. The platform offers application-intelligent workload protection, service account analytics, and micro-segmentation accessible to customers in one day, compared to competitive approaches that take weeks.

Hosted on AWS, TrueFort Cloud supports both cloud and hybrid cloud/on-premises working, making it suitable for both office, remote and hybrid workplaces.

Melinda Marks, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. (ESG), said: “As organisations increasingly host critical applications in cloud environments, they need ways to efficiently manage security risk.

“By monitoring workloads and understanding the communications between the applications and related resources, TrueFort helps customers detect security issues and efficiently take the needed actions to protect their workloads and assets.”

TrueFort identifies, monitors, and learns trusted connection patterns of workloads, applications, and service accounts, and can easily absorb EDR agent telemetry to provide insight into active, inactive, and rogue accounts. With TrueFort Service Account Analytics, users can also detect and prevent lateral movement by attackers and malicious insiders.

Nazario Parsacala, CTO of TrueFort, said: “The combination of cloud migration and modernisation has made applications and workloads an increasingly popular target for attackers, since most security tools cannot detect when they have been compromised and are exhibiting suspicious behaviour.

“We continuously analyse workloads in real time and profile their activity against approved and acceptable baselines to detect risky and anomalous behaviour, and protect assets by enforcing legitimate service account behaviour.”