TRASSIR takes over Kuwait and becomes a new player in security market

TRASSIR takes over Kuwait and becomes a new player in security market

TRASSIR, a global video surveillance system manufacturer, is marking its 20th anniversary this year as it celebrates breaking into the Middle East and Kuwait.

As a business, it started out as a local company in 2002 and has grown to become a global supplier that boasts a presence in more than 38 countries. Over these years, TRASSIR has built an entire video surveillance ecosystem combining CCTV cameras, video recorders, video management servers, cloud services, neural analytics, and access control systems. These ecosystem components have been smartly integrated into projects worldwide.

With its huge expertise (more than 500,000 projects delivered), the company is constantly growing and today TRASSIR offers an environment for providing security for different fields – retail stories, city surveillance, traffic, building, banking and many more. The company is primarily focused on software components, especially video analytics solutions.

TRASSIR recently broke into Middle East markets and achieved significant success in some countries, including Kuwait. Together with Blatean Security Solutions, its business partner in the region, TRASSIR is already well recognised by many consumers, and a pool of smart video analytics-based solutions has already been implemented in various projects and business sectors. One project includes the University of the Kuwait National Guard, which benefited both from a comprehensive video surveillance system solution and after-sales support. Another success milestone is TRASSIR’s CCTV system, which is used for addressing security issues at Al Nabhan Mosque.

Two more projects delivered in Kuwait include those being used at two local fast-food chains – Elevation Burger and Best Burger in Town. Elevation Burger was named one of the fastest-growing casual restaurant chains, catering to health-conscious clients. Best Burger in Town is a young company that recently started its journey with picnic kits and very quickly grew into a major burger chain. TRASSIR introduced smart technologies that significantly optimised order pick-up in the drive-through area and considerably sped up customer service in the parking lot. Substantial factors that helped deliver the project were the integration of TRASSIR technologies into the restaurant’s POS system and identifying the license plate number of the car that made the order and its detection in the parking lot.

Automatic vehicle identification via its license plate has proven to be a valuable solution in many fields. Focusing on the Middle East region allowed TRASSIR to localise its software for local license plate recognition. An image processing technology is used to identify vehicles by their license plates, which may be used for various purpose, such as security control and granting access, or for order pick-up as described above. The recognition tasks become even more sophisticated when dealing with license plates in Arabic. However, TRASSIR engineers addressed this issue and delivered a top-of-the-range solution.

TRASSIR will continue to grow its network of customers across the Middle East and develop as a recognised service provider.