The UAE aims to use Zoom post – COVID

The UAE aims to use Zoom post – COVID

A survey has been conducted to develop a clear understanding as to how many Emiratis use video communication and why. Research shows the UAE  will continue to support the use of Zoom post Covid-19.

Out of the pool of Emiratis surveyed across all the different Emirates, 68 per cent were male, as compared to 32 per cent females. They were asked about their opinions on the continued use of video communication applications, work routines, video communication application preferences.

In line with UAE’s 2021 vision of becoming a “Digital Nation” that places the digital transformation at the heart of the national strategy, the results of the survey aim to positively encourage the local TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) post-COVID and enable hybrid working methods, e-learning and efficient communication between citizens in the country.

Derek Pando, the International and Partner Marketing at Zoom said that Zoom is able to help accelerate the UAE’s digital development in vital sectors like healthcare, education, e-government and smart city infrastructures.

“The pandemic has introduced rapid and dramatic shifts in how people work; also changing habits and opening new opportunities for the work environment. Whether teams are fully remote, part-time remote, or temporarily remote due to the current situation, Zoom ensures the management of a dispersed workforce” Pando added.

Revealed during the media roundtable by Sam Tayan, Managing Director in the Middle East and Africa at Zoom, the results of the survey showed that 76 per cent of respondents chose Zoom as one of their top three preferred applications, receiving the highest percentage compared to other platforms listed.

When asked about the importance of accessing video communications post-COVID, 83 per cent of Emirati respondents said that it is important to them to have access. This highlights that the use of video communication applications will continue post-COVID as the way people live and work has changed for the foreseen future.

Additionally, in response to the questions about whether or not the respondents support the continued use of Zoom, 71 per cent of the respondents supported the decision. This sheds light on the importance of the permanent use of video communication platforms in the country as the majority are in favor of doing so, and more than half – 66 per cent, believe that the continued use would help boost the economy and the innovation.

As for the respondents’ expectations on how they’ll work in the future, 31 per cent of respondents expect to work from home full time, whereas 38 per cent expect to work from home and from their office, and 27 per cent expect to work full time from their office, This finding highlights that a total of 69 per cent of Emiratis expect to work from home in the future, which is important to consider as they would need video communication applications in the future.

“We value the region’s focus on digital transformation, particularly true in the UAE where the government’s ambition to fast track its digital economy gives us full confidence in the potential that this market represents for Zoom”, Sam Tayan said. “Seeing that 76 per cent of Emirati citizens prefer using Zoom truly supports our vision to help accelerate the UAE’s digital development across a number of vital sectors including healthcare, education, e-government and smart city infrastructures.”

In conclusion, the research findings hold positive expectations for the UAE’s digital future as  most of the Emirati respondents look forward to having access to video communications and more than half of them believe that permanent utility of video communication platforms would enable the economy and innovation in the UAE. The importance of the continued use of Zoom is also considered when a total of 69 per cent of Emirati respondents expect to work from home post-COVID (whether it is part of hybrid working or working from home full time).

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