The National Security Services Company (SAFE) and Obvious Technologies join forces in a global strategic partnership

The National Security Services Company (SAFE) and Obvious Technologies join forces in a global strategic partnership. (Credit: SAFE/Obvious Technologies)

The National Security Services Company (SAFE) and Obvious Technologies join forces in a global strategic partnership

The National Security Services Company (SAFE) has partnered with Obvious Technologies to form a global strategic partnership.

The partnership between the two was witnessed by his Excellency the French ambassador to Saudi Arabia, His Excellency Ludovic Pouille. The National Security Services Company (SAFE) signed the strategic partnership agreement with Obvious Technologies, a French software editor developing OODA. The company also operates and develops an open 3D Data Visualisation platform offering a comprehensive Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Command & Control (C2) solutions suite for mission critical operations.

As a result of the partnership, SAFE will now be able to utilise cutting edge 3D Data Visualisation and Big Data technologies enhancing their unique one-stop-shop managed security services portfolio, to be offered to strategic and critical facilities, venues, assets and infrastructure in the MENA region.

Turki Al Thonayan, CEO at SAFE, said: “Our recently created company is looking to lead and disrupt the security industry in four main areas: consulting services; integrated solutions; training and development programs; and command and control centers. Our unique business model is based on partnering with the most innovative vendors in their field, and offering Security as a Service (SaaS), specially developed for the local needs. OODA provides a perfect fit as a technological catalyst of our human services portfolio combining risk assessment, training, and of course managed security services, from control room operations, vehicle patrols and field incident management response teams.

“We are committed to selecting, deploying, configuring and maintaining the best performing and reliable solutions, and by selecting OODA, we are ensuring smooth technology adoption by our personnel, as a key success factor for SAFE operations.”

Manea Shetaiwi, COO at SAFE, added: “We have found in Obvious Technologies an agile and committed partner to accompany SAFE in its long-term journey. We will jointly develop, promote and deliver exclusive solutions and services for the Saudi market and expand regionally based on the unique technical capabilities and the scalability of OODA as a platform.”

Meline Eolmezian-Soulie, VP Marketing & Development at Obvious Technologies said: “We are very proud and honored to have been chosen by SAFE, based on our unique solution, innovative business model, joint value proposition and long-term partnership commitment with them in the region. This first project in Saudi Arabia marks a new milestone for Obvious Technologies’ growth in the GCC region, after successes in Qatar and UAE.”

Naoufal El Ouali, Executive VP and Co-founder of Obvious Technologies, added: “With OODA we are opening new horizons for the development of our innovative SaaS model and pioneering in transforming the concept of actionable data and Intelligent Operations Centers (IOC) into reality.

This strategic agreement reinforces the exclusive position of SAFE as a regional champion and market leader and Obvious Technologies as a trusted software technology partner for governments and private organisations in the MENA region, offering open innovative solutions, and agile business approaches to support smart and safe nations in their transition to Digital Twin ecosystem.