Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain runs cyber drills

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain runs cyber drills

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain (TRA) has teamed up with Cyber Ranges for cyber drill exercises to ensure any issues are spotted and addressed.

In collaboration with Cyber Ranges, the TRA ran a security drill for operators to allow them to test their ability to handle cyber threats. It also gave organisations the chance to speed up the development of a competent cybersecurity workforce who are ready to deal with current and emerging threats going forwards.

The drills help organisations to practice procedures, test out their business continuity plans, strengthen their preparedness and enhance their skills and knowledge.

TRA’s General Director, Philip Marnick, explained: “It entails early preparation for network security incident handling after establishing a process for defending the organisation.”

He added: “Cyber drill exercises in the telecom sector will ensure that cybersecurity problems are effectively addressed and resolved. They are also significant as they establish the requirement for proper contingency plans.”

CEO Dr Al Graziano, CEO, Cyber Ranges, said: “On our next-generation cyber range telcos can build high-fidelity replicas of their critical infrastructure and carry out deep-dive, hands-on simulations of potential crises to test their stand and resilience against cyber risk.”