Synectics’ new 4K camera range delivers hazardous-area surveillance first for Oil & Gas sector

Synectics’ new 4K camera range delivers hazardous-area surveillance first for Oil & Gas sector

Synectics is the first technology specialist to guarantee +70°C certification and 4K capabilities for fixed, PTZ, and TriMode camera models with the launch of its new COEX™ 4K camera range which is specifically designed for hazardous-area (and safe-area) applications such as Oil & Gas.

The company, who also pioneered the world’s first explosion-proof (Ex certified) thermal camera in 2002, says its hazardous-area 4K TriMode camera station (colour, mono, and thermal imaging in one housing) is certified to operate in temperatures up to +70°C and with enhanced cybersecurity.

“Our latest COEX 4K camera stations deliver exceptional image quality, which means users can zoom much further into an area of interest than ever before. This capability provides a greater level of interrogation of live and recorded footage with precise, crisp detail reducing the risk of missing vital information. Another benefit of the new 4K camera range is that it also delivers improved situational awareness across a more comprehensive coverage area than HD, providing sharp image quality for critical monitoring.” stated Darren Alder, divisional director for Oil & Gas at Synectics.

“We’ve served the oil and gas industry for over 30 years and appreciate the importance that product reliability, certification standards, and longevity have for our customers. That’s why we test every product before despatch and offer factory acceptance testing as part of our project services.

Jamie Donald, product manager — COEX, at Synectics commented, “This announcement demonstrates our commitment to customer requirements and how we develop, test, and bring to market camera solutions that deliver the exceptional image quality, technology innovation, and specification flexibility we know the market demands.”

“We devote a great deal of R&D investment and attention to ensuring our COEX portfolio meets international certification standards, particularly for the temperature range our products meet. We are also thrilled to bring other new features and functionality to our 4K product range,” continued Donald.

The new COEX camera range delivers audio support, region of interest encoding, and cybersecurity essentials, including 802.1x port-based network access control, HTTPS web interface, and encrypted media streaming.

Fully compliant with ONVIF Profile S and T requirements, they integrate with existing video management systems, including Synergy, and provide advanced video streaming options.

Synectics’ COEX 4K cameras also offer advanced, simultaneous multi-streaming of footage in H.264 and H.265 encoding formats providing triple-stream for 4K and quad-stream for TriMode variants. This feature has some compelling benefits for customers seeking to maximise bandwidth and minimise storage costs.

“It means, for example, that H.264 can be used for live streaming, with H.265 for high-quality recording with reduced storage”, explained Donald. “For large-scale projects, this is hugely beneficial.

With the 4K model, the third stream can be beneficial as an additional stream for remote viewing where low bandwidth constraints are present such as radio links. This is just an example of one of the deployment scenarios.

“Customers can take advantage of our 4K camera portfolio now to prepare for future technology requirements. Our 4K models can encode at lower image resolutions such as 1080p H.264 until onsite hardware is 4K/H.265 ready. This capability is an important advantage and reflects our focus on futureproofing solutions for customers.”

All COEX camera stations, including the new 4K models, are manufactured from corrosion proof, electro-polished 316L stainless steel, and are performance tested before dispatch at Synectics’ dedicated UK facilities. With a certification temperature range from -55°C to +70°C, they provide continuous, reliable image capture in all lighting, weather, and operational conditions.

Synectics’ COEX camera stations are used in over 50 countries to secure and safeguard oil and gas assets operating in extreme conditions — from refineries, plants, and pipelines to offshore marine vessels and platforms. Projects protected by COEX cameras include the world’s largest gas-to-liquids plant and the most sizeable floating liquified natural gas facility ever built.