Surge in interest in hostile vehicle mitigation

Surge in interest in hostile vehicle mitigation

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions specialists, Frontier Pitts, says that it has seen a surge of interest in its temporary and permanent barrier and blocker solutions over the last year from all over the globe.

The company has been responsible for multiple projects of this nature in the Middle East. These include project managing and installing numerous PAS 68 and IWA 14 impact tested Terra sliding gates and Terra manual barriers in oil fields in Iraq. It also recently supplied its Terra gates and compact Terra barriers as part of a major installation for PDO (Petroleum Development Oman).

Frontier Pitts most recent installation in the Middle East saw three Terra blockers and two sets of four rising Terra bollards provide high security perimeter protection to the Qatar Foundation’s new research and development complex. The HVM blockers and bollards are controlled with push buttons and are interlocked to safety photocells. The safety photocells produce beams of light which monitor vehicle and pedestrian movement. If an object breaks this beam, the automatic equipment will stop and reverse. On gate installations, two pairs of photocells are usually fitted.

“There has been huge interest in HVM (hostile vehicle mitigation market. Not just the products but advice on the specifications and the differences between the specifications – especially with the new International IWA14 specification which British manufacturers have been impact testing to for the past four years.” says brand and development manager, Sally Osmond.

There are temporary versions of certain Terra Range products, including removable, surface mount and shallow versions. Osmond says the company has also recently conducted a forcibility test on its Terra Diamond turnstile. This has now been tested by BRE to LPS1175 SR3 & 4 and CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) approved standards for government use.
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