Special Webinar: “Solving customer challenges with neural networks.” 

Special Webinar: “Solving customer challenges with neural networks.” 

Artificial intelligence has become quite the buzzword in the security industry, however, it’s evident that advanced neural networks can provide answers where other technology can’t, especially with regard to the end-user experience. To this end, Security Middle East Magazine is working with industry leaders TRASSIR to put together a webinar titled “Solving customer challenges with neural networks.”

The webinar will be hosted by Dimitry Damaskin, an expert and development manager from TRASSIR, who specialises in understanding CCTV technology, computing and the relationship between security products and neural networks.

Alongside Dimitry, Aleksandr Savkin – a Technical Coach, APP developer and Coding expert – will inform audiences about the uses of neural networks and express how a neural network can be used in a business environment to drive sales and solve challenges typical to the marketplace.

What defines a neural network in relation to a typical artificial intelligence, is the way in which a neural network is designed around ‘trial and error’, to learn through repeated algorithms, mimicking a human brain in a sense. Neural networks refer to systems of neurons, either organic or artificial in nature.

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