Spearfish wins major contract to manage security operations in Nigeria

Spearfish wins major contract to manage security operations in Nigeria

Risk and security management company, Spearfish has been appointed to oversee security management for a major international development organisation in Nigeria.

A team of Spearfish consultants have been embedded within the organisation’s operations from where they will manage its security programmes and provide live support and consultation. Dan Hooton, managing director at Spearfish Security, said the risk landscape in Nigeria remains one of the toughest in the world.

“From a security standpoint, Nigeria is still one of the most complex and challenging markets in the world,” he said. “In recent years Spearfish has been steadily building its experience and operations in the country and we’re now among the best-established consultants in the security and risk market. We’re delighted that this highly regarded development organisation has selected us for this work and confident we can deliver the very highest level of service.”

The Spearfish team will be based at the organisation’s facilities in Abuja and the northeast of the country. From here they will manage all risks and threats related to staff, facilities and work. Nigeria remains subject to ongoing travel advisories from both the UK and U.S. governments and active terror organisations in the country include the notorious Boko Haram group, which has carried out a number of attacks and kidnappings. Natural hazards, such as Malaria and risk of flooding, are also rife.

“Our job is to help our client and its team remain safe but also allow them to optimise the work they do, running social and economic programmes in the local community. We have assembled a highly-experienced team with the technical competence, country knowledge and sector development experience that’s required for Nigeria. We are confident that their support will enable our client to carry out its work in Nigeria with minimal disruption,” said Hooton.

In Nigeria, Spearfish specialises in security support and consultancy for the development and aid sectors. Over the last four years, the company has operated across the country particularly in the northern and north-eastern regions. Client projects have included those sponsored by the UK’s Department for International Development, the United Nations and the World Bank.

Spearfish is a British-owned security consultancy with a broad global project portfolio which includes operations in the Indian Ocean, Pakistan, Indonesia, Somalia and others.