Speakers released for International Security Week

Speakers released for International Security Week

International Security Week is to take place 30 November – 3 December 2020. Experts in the industry are coming together to discuss the impact of hacking, data leaks and cyber crime on global security.

The information security market is forecast to reach $170.4 billion in 2022, and as the world increasingly accelerates towards digitisation of operations due to social distancing, the risk of cyber-attacks is among the biggest threats facing organisations and nation states. In fact, a recent assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on cybercrime by INTERPOL revealed a significant shift from attacks on individuals and small businesses to major corporations, governments and critical infrastructure – and the organisation predicts that a further increase in cybercrime is highly likely in the near future. With recent high-profile hacks including the US President’s social media account and campaign website, it is clear that security breaches can happen to anyone.

Brand new digital event ISWeek, which incorporates International Security Expo (ISE), International Cyber Expo (ICE) and International Disaster Response Expo (IDR), will bring exclusive, free-to-watch panels and ‘fireside chats’ about cyber security in an innovative studio setting, as well as sessions on international security matters and disaster response.

In particular, Day Two of ISWeek, sponsored by Tripwire – a trusted leader for establishing a strong cyber security foundation, protecting the integrity of mission-critical systems spanning physical, virtual,  cloud and DevOps environments – will delve into both the technical and human aspects of cyber operations with some of the industry’s most experienced professions. Tripwire’s Emanuel Ghebreyesus will speak to acclaimed security and intelligence journalist Philip Ingram MBE about the global cyber security resource shortage, and the demand for operational technology (OT).

Exclusive research: State of Security Report

ISWeek has worked alongside Westlands Advisory (WA) to produce an exclusive State of Security Report, available exclusively to ISWeek attendees. Anthony Leather, Co-founder and Director of WA will lead a session that explores the major themes of the research, which found that the majority of cyber security technologies are still in the early stage of their lifecycle, and that public safety is shifting towards using more digitally enabled services.

Understanding the hackers, and how to beat them

While focusing on the digital side of security, it is important to remember that cyber attacks are not randomly generated, and that there is always a real individual or group behind them. The ‘human factor’ in cyber terrorism is understood by no one more than Jenny Radcliffe, also known as the People Hacker. She will explain that technology is merely a means to an end, and that using her unique perspective, those committing cyber attacks are easily hackable.

Practical ways to protect against all types of cyber crime are key for prevention: in 2020, 52% of breaches featured hacking, 28% involved malware and 32–33% included phishing or social engineering[3]. Tips and tricks to defeat all of these and more will be delivered during an enlightening training session from Cyber Griffin, founded by the City of London Police, which will include exercises to do at home to raise awareness of cyber security techniques.

Government vs. Business Perspectives

On a rolling 10 year basis, Britain remains the second largest global defence exporter after the USA[4], so attendees can expect insightful commentary on the state of the industry from Dr Henry Pearson, UK Cyber Security Ambassador and Tracy Buckingham, Deputy Director of Security and Cyber Security Exports both from the UK Government’s Department for International Trade (DIT).

While governments have a very specific set of online security threats, Verizon report suggests that 43% of breach victims were small businesses. Emma Philpot, CEO of IASME Consortium and Ian Thornton-Trump, CISO of Cyjax and ex-military intelligence professional for the Canadian Forces (CF), will examine some of the myths around cyber attacks on enterprises, and how to deal with the aftermath. The keynote speech will come from Chris Greany, Managing Director of the consultancy firm Templar Executives, who will explain which key areas of cyber security companies should invest in.

Director Rachael Shattock said: “68% of business leaders feel their cyber security risks are increasing, so we are delighted to be offering a wealth of experienced professionals to explain how to prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to and exposing critical data. We are especially proud to be launching the State of Security Report on Day Two of ISWeek, which includes research on all aspects of the security spectrum. All attendees will receive a free copy of this exclusive insight, which is reason enough to join us!”


Incorporating International Security Expo (ISE), International Cyber Expo (ICE) and International Disaster Response Expo (IDR), ISWeek will be filmed in a television studio setting, with high production values. Leading experts from around the globe will be interviewed by veteran security and intelligence journalist, Philip Ingram MBE, during high-level interactive panel discussions and ‘fireside chats’.

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