SPA reveals new online courses

SPA reveals new online courses

For the first time in its history, SPA members can now get certified through its new online courses. The Online Security Awareness courses, launching soon, have been designed to benefit professionals of all levels. Everyone going through the courses will be certified.

The first five courses will be launched before the end of the 2nd quarter 2022, with an initial two going live by end of 1st quarter 2022. The first five courses are:

  1. The Safety and Security of Vital Structures
  2. The Security Survey
  3. Security is Everyone’s Responsibility
  4. A Guide to Personal Safety Measures
  5. Security & Safety Management

Training courses will be offered to both members and non-members through the online training portal.

SPA is starting off with Security Awareness courses, hence middle management, supervisors and security personnel will stand to benefit. The awareness courses can also benefit the public as its aim is to create a security culture.

The webinars are very interesting to those at decision-making level, as they’ll feature international presentations on innovations, new systems, new products , applications etc. Other courses will be useful for managers and those aspiring to be managers.

By having an online training platform, people from all over the world can get certified and can aspire to make a career in this field. They will get to know more about the industry in the UAE through the webinars and Q & A sessions.

Security is one field where not a single professional associated has the liberty of taking time-off to attend a classroom course. By going online, SPA is giving an opportunity for all these tremendously busy personnel to study in their free time and develop themselves.

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