Smiths Detection launches its first training centre in the Middle East

Smiths Detection launches its first training centre in the Middle East

Smiths Detection has announced the opening of its first training centre in the Middle East.

The new site comprises a number of training rooms and a demonstration area with the company’s latest security solutions, including automatic explosives-detection systems and airport lanes. The training centre will give customers a hands-on opportunity to familiarise themselves with Smiths Detection’s suite of security solutions. It also provides consulting services focused on customers’ specific business needs and challenges.

Speaking at the launch of the new training centre,Roland Carter Global President of Smiths Detection said,“We first established a site in Dubai in 2005, this new investment is further recognition of the region’s growth potential and the UAE as a central hub for the region.”

Tom Squier, managing director of Smiths Detection in the Middle East added: “Providing our customers with strong support, enhanced technology and relevant training is always our top priority. The establishment of our training centre reiterates our long-term commitment to the UAE and the wider Middle East region. The new training centre will support UAE’s security and defence sector to continue its role as the regional industry powerhouse.”

“The Smiths Detection Training Centre will showcase a wide range of threat-detection technologies for each of its markets – aviation, ports and borders, urban security and defence. Notably, the facility features high-speed computed tomography (CT) explosives-detection systems (EDS), such as the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX, which allow passengers to leave liquids and laptops in their bags as they go through security. It also includes portable threat- and narcotic-detection solutions, such as the IONSCAN 600. This new facility will simulate the end-user and checkpoint-operator experience through live demonstrations of Smart Lane components such as iLane.evo and Checkpoint.Evo