SecurMiddleEast Symposium: Smart Cities Fireside Chat with Sameer Sharma

SecurMiddleEast Symposium: Smart Cities Fireside Chat with Sameer Sharma

At the SecurMiddleEast Symposium in Dubai, Global GM for Intel Sameer Sharma revealed how technologists focused on smart cities can sometimes overpromise and undeliver.

He said: “I think if you look at any sort of technology based transition, we go through this sort of graph of excitement, a little bit of disappointment and then we come out of the trough of the disappointment to talk about what is pragmatically possible. I can give you multiple examples from my own career, my own experience.”

The event, sponsored by ISS and Intel, allowed attendees to hear about how smart city technologies have evolved and continue to shape technology practices and standards for implementation of smart cities.

Within the discussion, Sameer also focused on how a ‘one size fits all’ model doesn’t work in smart cities development. He explained: “When we talk about the deployment of smart cities technology, I think we have to factor in the reality that every city in the world has different demographics, it has differences when it comes to the state of infrastructure – things look different – and the policies and cultural expectations, all of these have to be factored in.

“So from a technology perspective, I would love to be able to create one blueprint and deploy that in the same way in different parts of the world. The fact is we are all unique, our cities are unique and we need to find common themes but we need to be able to customise the needs of every city.”

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