Security Middle East Conference: Who is Genetec?

Security Middle East Conference: Who is Genetec?

Twenty years ago, Genetec Inc was created with the intention to push boundaries, to meet bespoke physical security needs and to help businesses stay ahead in an ever-changing, complex world.

As cyber threats evolve in both methodologies and destructive capability, Genetec makes it its goal to rise to the occasion, utilising innovative unified physical security solutions to outpace these cyber threats.

Unification and innovation

Part of the Genetec method, is that of ‘Unification’, that being bringing each part of a company’s physical security operations into one organic flow of activity. As a result of inputs, outgoings, functions and all forms of data originating from the same system, it’s easy to harness the flow of information across all forms of security activities. Making it easier to secure people, buildings, and assets – simultaneously modernising and updating efficiencies around the workplace.

Trust and cybersecurity

Cybersecurity starts off as a simple premise. Identify risks and mitigate them, with resiliency solutions in place to assure no vulnerability can be found by bad actors online. However, over the past 20 years, as both the internet and the kinds of technology individuals have access to has changed, cybersecurity has become a complex battlefield. Genetec emphasis is on using trusted partners and open communication to develop more complex risk identification and cyber threat management technologies.

A global network of partners

Genetec uses an ecosystem of partners, utilising collaboration to enhance its comprehensive security solutions. Programmes are designed for shared opportunity, growth and profitability, to provide continuous value to mutual customers. As part of Genetec’s open communication policies, all the company’s partners and the roles those partners play, can be found on the Genetec website.

Genetec stand as innovative leaders in the implementation of unified physical security solutions, it is through them that assets are protected and businesses can run both efficiently – and safely. Here at Security Middle East we are excited to work with them on the Security Middle East Conference in Riyadh later this year.