Security Middle East Conference: the sponsors

Security Middle East Conference: the sponsors

The Security Middle East Conference has already gained support from leading companies within the security sphere. We have a number of high-profile companies who are joining us as sponsors, as well as our partner companies too. For our first event, we’re delighted to have Eagle Eye Networks, Darktrace, Obvious Technologies, Genetec, and the ISF as our sponsors.

Eagle Eye Networks

Leading the way in cloud video surveillance, Eagle Eye Networks delivers cyber-secure, cloud-based video which uses artificial intelligence and analytics to make businesses more efficient and secure. Thanks to its security and real-time business intelligence it is able to help organisations of all sizes and across industries to optimise their operations. The company was founded in 2012, and offers 100% cloud-managed solutions that are smart, simple and secure. The global leader provides an open API for easy integration with applications that complement and extend the offering in ways that are both innovative and useful. The API platform uses the Eagle Eye Big Data Video Framework, with time-based data structures used for indexing, search, retrieval and analysis of the live and archived video. Using artificial intelligence, Eagle Eye Networks provides a simply smarter platform, that is purpose-built to help businesses improve safety, security, operations and reduce costs.


Leading cybersecurity firm Darktrace was founded by cyber defence experts and mathematicians at the top of their field in 2013. In just a decade the company has forged a reputation as a global leader in delivering complete AI-powered solutions in a bid to free the world of cyber-disruption. Darktrace aims to be at the frontline of defence across the web, keeping companies secure from ransomware attacks, hackers, malicious so ware and whatever else is out there. The Darktrace AI Research Centre in Cambridge, UK, has conducted research to establish new thresholds in cybersecurity. It also has technology innovations backed by over 125 patents and pending applications. The company is world-renowned for its innovative Cyber AI Loop that detects, prevents, responds and heals, helping to keep businesses safeguarded against all types of cyberthreats.

Obvious Technologies

Obvious Technologies is a spin-off of Axone Systems and part of Neostone Group. The French start-up specialises in 3D data visualisation, digital twin and machine learning. Its solutions are relevant to all mission critical markets, but it has a strong background in security. Currently, it is expanding its presence in the GCC to support current and future commitments to regional customers and partners. The company bridges both technological innovation and operational experience in order to solve customers’ pain points. It brings together a unique concentration of experts in software development, 3D graphics design, system integration, data science, electronic security and law enforcement operations management. OODA is its comprehensive software suite that provides a command and control platform where responders in each mission can access the information they need in the most appropriate manner for their role, location and operational situation.


Industry heavyweight Genetec has over 25 years’ experience of using technology to solve security problems. It is a pioneer in the physical security and public safety industry and a global provider of world-class IP license plate recognition (LPR), video surveillance and access control solutions. Genetec’s mission is to listen to its customers to ensure that everything it creates is designed to address the needs of what businesses need for today and the future. It takes a truly collaborative approach to answering its customers’ needs, welcoming ideas that their engineers can act on. It strives to create resilient, connected solutions that deliver customers an in-depth view of their environments to allow them to respond to and recover from incidents quickly. Genetec has established itself as the leader in innovative networked solutions by employing a high level of flexibility and forward-thinking principles into the development of its core technology and business solutions.


The leading authority on information security and risk management, the ISF, isa not-for-pro t organisation that provides independent opinion and guidance on all aspects of information security. It delivers practical solutions to overcome the wide-ranging information security and risk management challenges that impact business. The ISF offers award-winning consultancy services that can provide organisations across the globe with tailored and pragmatic support. Its members include some of the world’s leading organisations that are featured on the Fortune 500 and Forbes2000 lists, as well public sector bodies and government departments. For more than 30 years the ISF has been helping organisations develop their cyber resilience, through extensive research, practical tools and expert guidance. Combined, this helps them to cover the wide-ranging information security challenges that impact businesses around the world.