Security Middle East Conference: meet the speakers

Security Middle East Conference: meet the speakers

With the Security Middle East Conference just months away we’ve been casting our net wide to secure the most influential and inspiring speakers to address our audience.

Our highly interactive and much-anticipated conference is bringing together some of the greatest minds from the security industry in Saudi Arabia on the 9 May 2023, for the chance to discuss, debate and consider the evolution of the security sector. Our carefully chosen speakers have all been selected for the value they can bring to this special event and the breadth of their knowledge. All will be sharing best practice examples to help educate our audience and the overall theme for the day will be discussing the innovations that can address the challenges facing the sector. With a focus on the rapid development of technologies, smart cities and giga projects in the region, each of our speakers is expertly positioned to deliver insights, opinions, guidance, and solutions. We are delighted to share with you the experts who will be joining us:

Craig Ross

Senior Safety & Security Manager –Diriyah Gate Development Authority

Craig Ross is Senior Safety and Security Manager at Diriyah Gate Development Authority in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He holds a master’s degree in terrorism and politics and has more than 25 years’ experience in the built environment, critical infrastructure and security consultancy. He has also diversified experience in security projects and risk assessment.


Dr Mohammad Alketbi

Founder – Forceis Security and Advisory Board Member – Intersec Dubai

Dr Mohammad Alketbi is the founder of one of the region’s leading professional security system integrators and provider of business security systems. He has a wealth of experience in futuristic and disruptive technologies and was elected by the security industry in 2019 to become the secretary general for SIRA’s Security Professionals Association.


Dr Mohammed Aladalah

Tech Security Expert

Dr Mohammed Aladalah has over 20 years’ experience in the public sector and has been involved in designing, implementing and managing security/surveillance systems kingdom-wide.


Dr Faisal Abdulaziz Alfouzan

Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity & Networks

Dr Alfouzan is a well-established Chief Information Security Officer with 10+years working in information security in Saudi Arabia. He is highly accomplished and knowledgeable of best practices and innovation in cybersecurity and digital forensics.


Ibrahim Al-Asaker

Saudi Chapter Lead – Cloud Security Alliance

Ibrahim is a highly passionate cloud and cybersecurity professional and an experienced speaker at cloud conferences in the region. He has certificates in cloud engineering, architecture, and security such as AWS-SAA, COA, CCSK, GCLD, and forensics GCFE, JNCIP-SEC in Cybersecurity.


Tawfeeq Alsadoon

Executive Director, Red Sea Global

Tawfeeq Alsadoon is an experienced director with experience working within the field of security, safety and government relations. He is Executive Director at Red Sea Global, one of the world’s most visionary developers and a cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

ambition. He holds a diploma in security studies, focused on public security, from King Fahd Security College and has previously worked for Saudi Chemical Company and Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority.


Khalid Saad Al Medbel

General Director Information Security – Ministry of Health

Mr Al Medbel is an expert in the latest advances in cybersecurity & ICT infrastructure and technology trends. Heis a thought leader with a deep knowledge of best-practices in threats management and governance and emerging areas of critical importance like business intelligence, IoT security and vulnerability assessments. He holds 20+ years of experience in security systems, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, sandboxing, anti-virus, and EDR software.


First sponsor announced: Genetec

We’re delighted to announce that Genetec will be one of the sponsors for this event. As well as putting its support behind this exciting event, the leader in unified physical security software will also be contributing to the discussions taking place on the day. We will be joined by one of Genetec’s business leaders, who will join the panel for the smart cities discussion to share their thoughts, ideas, opinions and best practice examples. The conference panel discussions will be targeting three key topics:

Securing Vision 2030: Smart city development and navigating the threat landscape.

Cybersecurity: Resiliency in the age of digitisation.

Talent & Skills: Addressing the talent gap in Saudi Arabi’s security sector.

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