SecOps 360 Virtual Bootcamp to bridge IT and Security teams

SecOps 360 Virtual Bootcamp to bridge IT and Security teams

SecOps 360 seeks to bring together experts from IT and Security Backgrounds in a day of virtual events that aim to promote collaboration between these industries.

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, businesses must foster infrastructure which allows for seamless collaboration between IT and security teams.

Runecast Solutions Ltd, who are hosting the event on June 22nd, aim to appeal to leaders in the Security and IT industries through the SecOps 360 virtual boot camp, Stan Markov CEO of Runecast comments:

“We are thrilled to bring together senior security professionals from around the world to participate in this unique virtual event,” said Stan Markov, CEO of Runecast. “As the threat landscape continues to evolve, it’s critical that IT and security teams work together seamlessly to improve security posture. By attending SecOps 360 Day, you’ll gain valuable insights, connect with peers, and expand your security knowledge.”

Attendees will take part in activities and learn from individuals as to learn the latest tools, insights, and principles to improve cross-team processes and strengthen their organization’s security posture.

With industry thought leaders, security and cyber influencers coming together to network, as well as ensure the highest standard of quality is going into the education and training which will take place at the boot camp, modernizing security and cyber strategies for the marketplace which is to come.