Secon 2021

Secon 2021

The Online Registration for SECON 2021, planned to be held from 12-14 May 2021 in KINTEX Korea, is in full swing. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, this year’s event will offer more value to the participating domestic & international exhibitors and buyers. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this year’s SECON will be a hybrid one, in which attendees are free to participate in both the physical and online platforms.

Hosted in Korea, a country where its security market is the 2nd largest in Asia and 7th largest in the world, SECON 2021 has marked its position as Korea’s largest integrated security exhibition covering sectors such as Video Surveillance, IT Security, Information Security Solutions, Access Control, IoT Security, Home Security Solutions, Social Security Systems, Homeland Security, and Industry Security. According to the 2018 EGDI presented by UN DESA, South Korea was ranked 3rd among the 193 countries. Networking opportunities with major IT security enterprises which have contributed to this particular achievement will be granted to those visiting the concurrent eGISEC 2021 (e-Government Information Security Solution Fair) event.

Maximize the Value of your Business in the All-in-one Event Due to travel restrictions, domestic & international exhibitors will be able to gain more exposure for their products and solutions through the digital features available prior to and after the event. On the other hand, visitors will be able to access and use the platforms without any time restrictions. The Exhibitor Digital Showroom, which showcases products and profiles of all exhibitors, is the best route for finding the ideal product or solution. The next step would be the Online Business Meeting Service. Only those who have registered and agreed to take part in the online business meeting service, are granted access to the platform. This advanced meeting platform allows the attendees to enter the system at any time, providing diverse opportunities of engaging attendees with the exhibitors and their products. Both attendees and exhibitors can request meetings, in which attendees can arrange meetings with exhibitors directly via the online platform exhibitor profile page. Once the connection has been made, the lines of communication and the ‘chat’ function with all the attendees you’ve had the chance of networking with, stay open. The Online Business Meeting Service will be open during the physical event (12-14 May) until 21st of May.

Register now and do not miss the chance of experiencing cutting edge security solutions of the new post-pandemic paradigm at SECON 2021! [SECON 2021 Online Registration link]

For more details on the event, visit Contact / +82-2-67155421 for online registration inquiries