Scanna’s Olympic appearance

Scanna’s Olympic appearance

High profile events like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics always present something of a security issue, and it’s vital that the very best security tech is deployed to support the event organisers.

This year SCANNA was selected to play its part in securing the event – with the use of its Scan X scout Portable X-ray Systems.

SCANNA Sales and Marketing Director Paul Taylor commented: “The security of high-profile major events is important and we are therefore delighted to be able to support the Japanese authorities in this way. It is a great honour to be associated with prestigious events such as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics which have been a resounding success and enjoyed by millions around the world. All credit to the organisers for making the events a great success in such difficult circumstances.”

The Scan X scout is a versatile and portable x-ray system which is capable of detecting concealed weapons, explosives and other hidden threats. For major events, it can be used to carry out searches on both vehicles and venues and investigate unattended and suspicious items.

Thanks to thin and flexible plates it can be deployed at speed to hard-to-access areas in order to deliver a high def x-ray image in seconds.

Last month Airbus signed a contract for the expansion and improvement of the Beijing Government Shared Tetra network radio coverage in advance of the 2020 Winter Olympic Games.