Saudi Arabian collaboration bolsters security tech

Saudi Arabian collaboration bolsters security tech

A new collaboration between a tech entrepreneur and a Saudi Arabian company will incorporate AI and machine learning to offer a whole new level of security against modern threats.

Ioannis Antypas, a London-based cybersecurity expert, will be working to create cutting-edge solutions that can detect and prevent threats as they emerge in real-time.

Antypas said: “I am really excited to be joining this exciting company in Saudi Arabia. In this fast-paced digital world, cybersecurity is one of the most important issues businesses face today. Cybercriminals are continuously adapting and evolving their techniques, which means it can be a complex process to protect your data.

Our mission is to provide organisations with the highest level of cybersecurity possible, utilising the latest technology to ensure that our clients remain protected from phishing attacks, cyberattacks and malware attacks.”

As the largest economy in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is rapidly underdoing a digital transformation as it heads towards a future as a knowledge-based economy. As a result the country is heavily investing in cybersecurity developments.

This new collaboration will help to drive forwards digital transformation and make a significant impact on cybersecurity in the region.