S-Key biometric smartcard integrates with LEGIC security platform

S-Key biometric smartcard integrates with LEGIC security platform

Freevolt has launched its next-generation biometric smartcard products based on the LEGIC security platform.

S-Key is a patented, battery-less, fingerprint-activated smartcard that seamlessly integrates with the LEGIC security platform. It can prevent unauthorised and criminal access to restricted areas as well as eliminate the risk of fraudulent access card use.

Gonzalo de Gisbert, Head of Product and Business Development at Freevolt, said: “By combining our leading radio frequency energy harvesting with advanced fingerprint recognition algorithms, Freevolt is pioneering the field of secure smartcards.

“Our GDPR-compliant technology works with existing access control systems which allows S-Key to integrate seamlessly with LEGIC’s end-to-end security platform.

“With S-Key, we provide an off-the-shelf smartcard solution with built-in 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) that can be immediately deployed in any existing NFC-based access control infrastructure, increasing security by at least five times. And because it has no battery in it, you can use the card for years.”

Crucially, S-Key requires no regulatory or infrastructure changes as it works with existing card technologies and systems.

The S-Key fingerprint verification is now available for LEGIC advent and MIFARE-based smartcards for the access control, healthcare, payment and cryptocurrency wallet sectors.

This summer LEGIC’s security platform received a major bluetooth upgrade, giving its mobile app the power of decision.