Retail case study: Concept Mall Dubai chooses Matrix for people counting solution

Retail case study: Concept Mall Dubai chooses Matrix for people counting solution


The first outlet concept mall in the Middle East is home to over 1,200 of the world’s premium and top brands and houses 240 stores and services over two-storeys.


This particular mall includes multiple stores that required a religious control on the occupancy rate of a store at various times of a year, in order to improve their service management by deploying staff, accordingly. Managing and avoiding overcrowding was one of their major concerns, wherein, they aimed to monitor and ensure customer convenience in peak hours.


After a comprehensive discussion with their team, Matrix SATATYA SAMAS was proposed. Being the first Outlet concept mall, Matrix SATATYA SAMAS Crowd Management was an answer to all their questions. The People Counting feature helped them to procure a detailed analysis of people entering and leaving the mall. Specifically, to identify and address the peak hours which helped them in ensuring customer convenience.

Particularly, with the help of the graphical reports based on the statistics, they were able to recruit people beforehand to manage the crowd. A thorough analysis of the reports helped them map and formulate seasonal marketing campaigns and discounts based on the statistics to reap surplus profits. By deploying the occupancy control feature, they could easily analyse the most crowded areas in the mall. Furthermore, they could coin which advertisements or discounts attracted customers.


  • Detailed Reports and Their Analysis

  • Improved Crowd Management

  • Better Customer Experience

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