Resecurity confirms further expansion into Middle East with Saudi Arabia R&D centre

Resecurity confirms further expansion into Middle East with Saudi Arabia R&D centre

US cybersecurity company Resecurity has confirmed its further expansion into the Middle East by creating a dedicated R&D centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The new centre is expected to accelerate AI-driven cybersecurity services delivery across the Middle East and Saudi Arabia by working with local talent and security leaders. One of the main focuses for the new R&D centre in Riyadh will be security innovations for smart cities and cognitive surveillance technologies.

To attract local cybersecurity talent for their new premises, Resecurity has secured a number of internships with students and graduates from King Saud University, King AbdulAziz University and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. This move has been praised as it’s expected to further facilitate knowledge and adapt perspective technologies to the needs of key enterprises in Saudi Arabia.

As critical research domains for the Riyadh R&D centre, Resecurity will invest in data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive security technologies to protect the region against emerging threats to protect smart cities and critical infrastructure. Resecurity also provides specialised intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions-oriented on law enforcement and national security agencies using AI.

Gene Yoo, CEO at Resecurity, Inc., said: “With rapid digitisation and with the appearance of Smart Cities, the complexity of cyberattacks and new security risks will only keep growing. The use of AI enables security teams to accelerate threat detection and preventive mechanisms. The industry needs Smart Cybersecurity.”

He continued: “We use AI to recognise threats targeting major Fortune 100 companies and quantify associated risk and potential impact. That allows for increased speed and accuracy of further decision-making using neural networks and trained Machine Learning (ML) models.”

Ayman Alshobaki, Business Development Manager (Middle East) of Resecurity, said: “Artificial intelligence will play a critical role in securing our increasingly digital world, especially in key markets like Saudi Arabia. At Resecurity, we’re investing heavily in R&D and AI-powered innovation to give enterprises the upper hand among emerging cyber threats.

“We are proud to enter Saudi Arabia as a new critical market to provide best-in-class AI-powered cybersecurity and intelligence solutions.”