Redscan Pro Lidar Sensors integrate with Genetec Security Center

Redscan Pro Lidar Sensors integrate with Genetec Security Center

Optex and Genetec have integrated their two technologies to provide enhanced perimeter protection for the highest security sites. The move also means that a series of advanced features exclusive to Genetec have also been unlocked.

Genetec is the only company creating critical area mapping and video tracking by leveraging the live X&Y coordinates provided by Optex’s Redscan Lidar. Advanced features including automatic target path fusion, which automatically merges single targets detected by multiple sensors. This helps to reduce the number of events presented via the Security Center Platform to security staff and makes them more relevant.

“The integration of the Optex Redscan Pro series into our Security Center is a game changer for perimeter security”, commented David Lenot, Critical Infrastructure Practice Lead for Genetec. “With detection, tracking and video verification all in one device, it’s not only more efficient and cost effective, but customers can expect higher levels of security and surveillance than ever before.”

Additionally, automatic tracking of targets and camera handover is enabled which provides a complete, visual audit trail of events through a single interface.

Tomohiro Tsuji, General Manager at Optex, said: “We have worked closely together with Genetec for a number of years, with a clear focus on innovation and integration of technologies to provide enhanced security solutions for our customers. Our latest collaboration enables a deeper level of integration between our technologies, delivering a truly advanced, secure and agile perimeter protection solution.