Qatar introduces artificial intelligence into judicial system

Qatar introduces artificial intelligence into judicial system

Artificial intelligence continues to make its mark in all aspects of industry and culture, now, as part of its ongoing Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar has implemented artificial intelligence (AI) into its judicial system.

With the updated system, the use of AI is expected to enhance the accuracy and quality of information related to the Public Prosecution’s functions and improve the speed of the judicial process.

AI will be used in investigation sessions, converting information obtained during investigation sessions into written text, as well as in writing the necessary minutes and memorandums that typically end legal procedures.

One typical problem with judicial systems around the world is the exorbitant amount of time a case takes to develop. Discovery, analysis, examination and more are all necessary parts of a civil procedure that can easily be slowed down by manual error.

The implementation of AI, will speed up this process and ensure quicker trials in the future.