PropTech Innovation Summit 2023

PropTech Innovation Summit 2023

The inaugural edition of the Middle East PropTech Innovation Summit 2023 will be taking place on May 23-24 at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah, UAE, organised and managed by Verve Management.

The summit seeks to gather and discuss information relevant to property technology, with topics such as the transparency of information, virtual viewings, the implementation of artificial intelligence into valuations, data-driven online listings and blockchain transactions.

Industry leaders from around the world will be able to come together and discuss innovations in technologies and the relationship between these technologies and the process of selling a property, whether that is a house, apartment block, office building or any other type of establishment.

With the evolution of technology being at the forefront of everyone’s minds, having thought leaders from a variety of businesses come together to discuss implementations of that technology benefits the technological sector as a whole, as well as other industries such as our own security industry throughout the Middle East.

The conference sets out to bring together industry leaders from across the real estate world, furthering networking between businesses and looking at the growing influence of Big Data in the sector.

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