Panasonic embeds AI into its Standard range of security cameras

Panasonic embeds AI into its Standard range of security cameras

Panasonic has updated its range of S-Series cameras with embedded AI capabilities and improved image quality for more accurate analytics running on the camera. The first four indoor dome and box-type models, with Full HD resolution, will be available in early July. Further line-up expansions will follow later this year, including outdoor and fisheye models.

The cameras come pre-bundled with the i-PRO in-house apps AI Video Motion Detection (AI-VMD) and AI Privacy Guard. They provide access to intelligent security functions such as intruder or loitering detection, whilst making sure to protect the privacy rights of individuals by pixelating their figures or faces; important for businesses operating in geographies where strict privacy laws are in force, such as Europe with GDPR.

Besides these two default applications, there are three new additions to the i-PRO inhouse application range: AI Face, People and Vehicle Detection enable easy and quick search of footage based on pictures of faces – even when masked – or pre-defined attributes for people and vehicles. All these applications are included free-of-charge to aid the AI-ification of businesses. Lifting AI beyond the purely visual level, sound classifications picked up by external microphones, such as gunshots, yelling, vehicle horns or glass breaking have also been added to the range.

“Cameras with AI capabilities at the edge are creating a host of new opportunities for businesses across industry sectors, in addition to traditional security uses,” said Gerard Figols, head of security Solutions at Panasonic Business Europe. “The introduction of the new i-PRO S-Series just made these opportunities more accessible and easier to implement for businesses, so AI-ification and all its benefits become available to every business customer in the security market.”


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