60+ rest points in Dubai for security personnel during holy month

60+ rest points in Dubai for security personnel during holy month

Over 60 rest points for security and traffic patrols in Dubai will be allocated during the holy month of Ramadan.

These rest points will be equipped by the General Administration of Logistics Support with all the necessary needs of Iftar and Suhoor, ensuring that officers can perform their duties to the fullest and in a manner that guarantees happiness and high quality of life.

His Excellency Major General Ali Ahmed Ghanem, Director of the General Department of Logistics, emphasised the purpose of the initiative was to support Dubai’s police force and provide for its employees during Ramadan.

The initiative will provide rest points at 62 locations across Dubai, including rest points at Enoc service stations, 15 at police stations, 23 at buildings and establishments affiliated with Dubai Police and a final five at Dubai’s smart police stations.

The initiative had been carefully planned based on information gathered from previous holy months. Major General Ghanem explained the initiative was designed to not disrupt the normal progress and pace of work. The aim is to create the Ramadan atmosphere for police officers on duty in all general departments and police stations, especially those in security and traffic patrols, rescue services and emergency services, who work tirelessly around the clock to ensure the safety and security of the public.

Recently, the number of traffic personnel in the Dubai Police force rose dramatically – many of who will need these amenities to celebrate Ramadan and complete their tasks to the highest standards.